Customized Actionable Leadership

Are you looking to reduce turnover amongst your employees?  Are you struggling with upskilling your supervisors and emerging leaders?

We customize our leadership training with a bias for action to meet your needs.

The Strength in Nature Leadership Foundation series combines lessons from servant leadership, crisis leadership, and Lean Six Sigma / Operational Excellence to create an actionable leadership package for emerging and frontline leaders. 

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Leadership Foundations is a 90 day sequence focusing on personal time management, consistency habits, and growth mechanisms.  Start here for practical, actionable support. Particularly applicable for technically competent leaders with inconsistent results.

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Crews & Leaders

Crews & Leaders is a certified one-year leadership & development course focusing small group leadership and emerging leaders. Skills include Train the Trainer, Conflict Management, Daily Meetings, and a review of Leadership Foundations. 

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Climbers & Crews

Climbers & Crews address the skills necessary for middle managers. The course complements leadership skills found during MBA programs, with a greater focus on leadership theory, influence psychology, team development, and engagement. Projects are highly collaborative and focus team and community development.

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Highlands is a mastermind group of executives and entrepreneurs. Cohorts range in size from five to ten.  Topics are fluid based on the needs of participants and current market conditions. This mastermind is highly focused on the pros and cons of servant leadership, business development, and community building.

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Leadership Elements


  • Individual Development Plans
  • Actionable Values / Purpose
  • Situational Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

Team Building

  • Developing Others / OJT
  • Building Influence
  • Acknowledgement & Conflict Resolution

Achieving Goals

  • Business metric basics
  • Project management
  • Continuous Improvement & Kaizen

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