Overcome the Overwhelm

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Here's what's inside...

  • Physical signs of burnout (and how to combat them)
  • Emotional signs of overwhelm (and the first steps to make a change)
  • Suggestions for mindset and spiritual growth to combat the overwhelm
  • Success stories from previous individuals who have overcome their overwhelm using these tips in just 4 weeks

Katie O.

"This fall when I was struggling, Angela told me to get my body up and *outside* to help my body heal from the punishment of the stress response it was experiencing...This walk is the way to announce to my body that we are about ready to work. I feel a million times better already. Thank you, Angela!"

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don't know how to get back on track?

I get it. No one thought 2020 was going to be what it was. We have all faced different challenges. Working from home? Not working? Kids home schooling? Kids remote schooling? 

If you are feeling fatigued and overwhelmed, start building habits that build in small changes to transform from overwhelmed to personal manager.

Let's get started!

A Note from Angela...

Leadership foundations start with personal leadership. You can help and lead others effectively only after you have led and helped yourself first: self-leadership. In this course, you will learn to reduce the overwhelm aka put on your own oxygen mask first so you can continue to lead your teams and families.

I will share with you the three elements of the overwhelm triad: physical, emotional, spiritual.  You can find this information elsewhere, but I have put this together in a structured, accessible format so you can start transforming into persona leader today. ~Angela

Let's get started!