S1 E2: Dream Big / Start Small

Season #1

Dream Big / Start Small

Hi everybody, welcome back to another episode of Overcome to Become, the podcast hosted by yours truly, Angela Buckley. We are here today to talk about our second topic of the series, and that is: dream big and start small. So once again, 

Overcome to Become is all about understanding what the 

  • habits
  • limits
  • boundaries

are that we need  to understand to impact our 

  • physical, 
  • emotional and 
  • spiritual well-being.

Dream Big

Understand your passion

Look for a 25 year plan

Define it FOR YOU, not based on what others want for you (or from you).

Get a mentor to help you define your goals

More Reading at the Blog: Finding Peace in Goal Setting

Start Small

Have many small goals

Celebrate milestones along the way

More Reading at the Blog Inch by Inch Goals

What's Your Goal?

So what's your goal? What's your legacy? And then how are you going to break it down so that you can celebrate those successes along your way? Today's episode is really just focusing on understanding that big picture, breaking it down into the small steps so that we can celebrate as we go. Thank you very much for joining me. I look forward to bringing you more tips to Overcome to Become subsequent episodes. Have a good day.

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