S1 E3: SMART Goals - Are they SMART?

Season #1

Hi everybody, welcome back to another episode of Overcome to Become, the podcast hosted by yours truly, Angela Buckley. We are here today to talk about SMART Goals. There are two accepted meanings for SMART:

  • S specific
  • M measurable
  • A attainable (Actionable)
  • R relevant (Reasonable)
  • T timely (time elevant)


Why do we have SMART goals? They help us dig in. 


  • Specific: Give us those details. See the trees in the forest.
  • Measurable: Life goals aren’t always measurable, unless we really look at them with a critical eye.
  • Attainable: Gut check time – and one we really want to focus on in Overcome to Become. Set goals you can achieve. Don’t be afraid to set stretch goals, but not every goal and every metric needs to be a stretch goal. 
  • Relevant: Goals “apply” or “relate” to something. Another gut check: does this SMART goal move the needle in your overall life mission?
  • Time: When are you going to achieve / attain this goal? In the workforce, goals are nearly always set on a 12 month cadence. We don’t HAVE to follow that cadence, but it works well for many people.

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