S1 E8: 3 Hard Things

Season #1

Three Hard Things

Walnuts & Rice

  • Put the walnuts (hard tasks) in the jar first
  • Fill the rice around the walnuts (busy tasks)
  • Everything fits if you put the walnuts in first
  • The walnuts won’t fit if you put the rice in first

Why prioritize?

  • Learning how to identify the most important tasks
  • Getting the important tasks done first
  • We have to learn how to prioritize ourselves in order to be better leaders

Guard Your Energy

  • Prioritize our emotions
  • Negative emotions drain us
  • Positive emotions energize us
  • We can only be successful professionals, parents, caregivers, or community citizens if we guard our energy

Learning to say, “No”

  • Identify when you are procrastinating
  • Identify when you are accepting a task out of guilt
  • Identify when someone else has crossed your boundaries
  • Learn to enforce your personal boundaries

Focus on Intention

  • Know when the list is too long
  • Prioritize the 3 most important things
  • Listen to ourselves


Microhabit Pro Tip:

  • Three hard things
  • Plan the day
  • Get 3 things done, that’s all

Extra Reading
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The 5 Benefits of Meal Planning to Overcome the Overwhelm

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Go about your day, enjoying it, and loving life.


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