S2 E1: Physical Burnout: How are you overcoming constant exhaustion?

Season #2

Physical Burnout: A lesson from endurance athletes


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What is Physical Burnout?

  • Adrenal glands no longer produce cortisol at correct levels
  • Feels like no highs or lows
  • Heart rate literally does not get into its highest ranges anymore
  • Exhaustion
  • Tired when waking up


How do Athletes Experience Burnout?

  • Mental fatigue
  • Ineffective workouts
  • Continual push
  • Feeling the need to skip recovery days
  • Recovery days aren’t producing physical gains


Physical Burnout in everyday life

  • Constant exhaustion
  • Feel like drinking in the evening to “wind down”
  • Lots of coffee and caffeine during the day
  • “Need” energy drinks
  • Eating a lot of sugar for energy push
  • Lack of excitement for normally joyful events
  • All activities feel like a drag


First Steps to heal Physical Burnout

  • Drink water
  • Eat dark, nutrition leafy greens
  • Take Omega 3 supplements to fight inflammation
  • Participate only in low intensity workouts - at least 4 weeks
  • Focus on sleep hygiene, sleep quantity, sleep quality
  • Skip alcohol

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