S2 E8: Nutrition, Habits, Weightloss

Season #2

Nutrition: Habits and Health in Weightloss BREW WITHOUT COMPROMISE. Athletic Brewing Co. is a non-alcoholic beer company dedicated to making great-tasting craft brews, without compromise. Their lineup of styles lets you enjoy the taste and experience of refreshing craft beer without sacrificing your performance, passions, health, or good taste. They’re fit for all times, made for all palates, and enjoyed by anyone who loves a great beer. They offer sparkling waters based on hops as well. Hydrate with flavor. Checkout Code: ABUCKLEY20 Pre-P.S. Check out Athletic Brewing’s SUP: it’s a coffee with protein shake. Start your day right! I’m definitely taking it with me on my next camping trip. RASA Special Code for 15% off each order. Checkout Code: ANGELA37256 Replacement Coffee with Apaptogens: Adaptogens are a class of herbs used by indigenous cultures for millennia, but the name “adaptogen” was coined by Russian scientists in the 1940s who were looking to give elite athletes and supersoldiers an edge without the crash. Adaptogens strengthen your stress response system, literally exercising it so you can handle higher stress loads with more ease (just like lifting weights). Adaptogens can both stimulate & balance our cortisol, giving you more stable energy over time. Stress drains energy, so if you have less stress, you have more energy. Adaptogens have a cumulative effect, so take them daily & watch the benefits stack up! Special Guest: Susan Zartman SusanZartmanCares GetHeatlhywithZ LinkedIn: GetHealthywithZ LinkTree Habits Weightloss isn’t just about Eating Right Weightloss is a Health Journey Create the Habits that Challenge your Health Weightloss is about Habits and Eating: You cannot out-exercise a bad diet Values Pause, Challenge, Interesting Facts New tastebuds every two weeks Try, try again.. Savor the first 3 bites, we don’t taste much beyond the first plates Tips & Tricks Serve using smaller plates to trick the mind into thinking there is more food Serve alcohol in the smaller glass…and decorate Blue & Green plates create a perception of more food Books to Reference Everytime I Diet, I gain 5 Pounds Galina Knoppman James Clear Atomic Habits William Li et al. Eat to Beat Disease Community It takes work Create your support circle Your friends make the work fun Laughably Low Set your goals laughably low Achieve goals consistently and build on that success Go out and have fun achieving your goals Resources RASA Coupon Code: ANGELA37256 Just Strong Coupon Code ANGBUC110 Ology Essentials Athletic Brewing Coupon Code ABUCKLEY20


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