S2 E9: Client Conversations with Stephanie Wollenburg

Season #2

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She believes that personal growth, leadership, and overcoming challenges are crucial aspects of life that can be developed through self-reflection and exposure to individuals who exhibit these qualities. Angela Buckley acknowledges that not everyone has the privilege of growing up in a family that values leadership and personal development, and therefore may not have the knowledge or skills to navigate difficult situations. Stephanie emphasizes the importance of programs and opportunities for personal development, such as the ones Angela offers, which can provide individuals with the chance to develop their leadership potential and overcome challenges. Join Angela Buckley and Stephanie Wollenburg on this episode of the Overcome to Become podcast to learn more about their perspectives on personal growth, leadership, and overcoming challenges. Quotes: (00:02:51) "I understood that it was really important to invest in myself, mentally growing my mental capacity." - Stephanie Wollenburg (00:12:26) "I always talk about, like, we've been really blessed in our family because we have people who have some leadership skills, who also spend a lot of time in self reflection. So I feel that although there have been some challenges as well, at least we knew to look for that development. Whereas I think if you come from a family that doesn't have that background, how do you know what you don't know? Like, if you've never seen somebody exhibiting leadership or if you've never seen someone who really handles difficult situations gracefully, you learn to mimic what's around you, and that's unfortunate. So there are many people in the world who have leadership potential but have never had that leadership potential developed within them. And maybe they're in a life situation that doesn't allow that. But one of the opportunities that we can afford through the programs that you and I both offer is development when it isn't immediately available in your home life." - Angela Buckley (00:18:22) "It doesn't allow you to be the person you're created to be." - Stephanie Wollenburg (00:24:55) "I think that nature has such a powerful healing component." - Angela Buckley (00:41:24) "You can't be the best version of yourself without knowing yourself." - Stephanie Wollenburg (00:45:29) "Create your own mission statement and then strive to become that and fulfill that every single day." - Stephanie Wollenburg Guest Bio: Stephanie Wollenburg is a dynamic leader and advocate for personal growth and overcoming challenges. With a master's degree in public affairs and a specialization in fundraising, Stephanie has dedicated her career to working with leaders across the United States. Her experience in the nonprofit sector has allowed her to help individuals make impactful giving decisions. Additionally, Stephanie runs a successful team in the shampoo, hair, and skincare industry, which has not only brought her professional success but also reconnected her with Angela Buckley. Stephanie's passion for instilling confidence in others and her problem-solving skills have made her a sought-after coach for individuals older than her. As the host of the "Overcome to Become" leadership podcast, Stephanie shares her insights on leading oneself first, inspiring listeners to embrace personal growth and overcome challenges. Detailed Outline: 00:01:08 - Overcome to Become "Overcome to Become" is an engaging leadership podcast hosted by Angela. In this episode, Angela interviews her cousin Stephanie, discussing Stephanie's inspiring story and sharing valuable insights. Stephanie admires Angela's work with Team USA and how it aligns with her own endeavors. The conversation takes place on International Women's Day, adding an empowering tone. Angela emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes, growing, and evolving as individuals. She encourages listeners to create their own mission statement as a powerful tool for personal growth. Overall, "Overcome to Become" offers actionable tasks and mindsets to help aspiring leaders overcome challenges and lead effectively. 00:07:19 - Multi-Passionate Are you someone with multiple passions and interests? In a conversation between Angela and Stephanie, they discuss the concept of being multi-passionate. Angela shares her experience of moving frequently during her childhood, which allowed her to reinvent herself and grow with each new location. She emphasizes how this perceived weakness actually adds strength and dimension to her life. Angela also discusses her work in the nonprofit sector, guiding people to make giving decisions rather than guilting them into giving. Additionally, she reveals her unexpected journey into running a team of girls who sell shampoo, hair, and skincare products, which has brought her closer to herself and others. Being multi-passionate is seen as a lifelong learning process that allows individuals to continually grow and never age. 00:12:26 - Self-reflection and leadership development Self-reflection and leadership development are crucial for personal growth and success. In a conversation between Stephanie and Angela, they highlight the significance of having leadership skills and engaging in self-reflection. Stephanie emphasizes the advantage of coming from a family with a background in leadership and self-reflection, while Angela adds that programs like the ones they offer provide an opportunity for leadership development when it may not be readily available in one's home life. Both speakers stress the importance of being vulnerable and strong as a leader, as well as equipping oneself with problem-solving abilities and tools for personal growth. Overall, self-reflection and leadership development are essential for overcoming challenges, expanding thinking, and reaching one's full potential. 00:18:26 - Reaching full potential According to Stephanie, reaching full potential involves setting small iterative goals and shifting perspectives. She compares it to hiking in the woods, where the top of the mountain may not always be visible. Starting with achievable goals, like making the soccer team or being the fastest kid on the block, allows individuals to build upon their accomplishments and work towards larger dreams. Angela emphasizes the significance of positive self-talk and goal setting in unlocking one's full potential. She highlights the need to have a clear target and create a mission statement to guide personal growth. By learning from mistakes, adapting, and evolving, individuals can overcome challenges and continually strive towards becoming the best version of themselves. 00:22:27 - Music as a Vehicle for Giving Back Music as a Vehicle for Giving Back brings joy and happiness to others. Angela Buckley highlights how music is a means of giving back and sharing with the world. Through public concerts and visits to schools, she and her family use music to connect with others and spread happiness. Music allows them to develop skills, set higher goals, and find fulfillment and purpose. By using their musical talents, they give back to the community and bring joy to others. In summary, music serves as a vehicle for giving back, connecting with others, and bringing happiness to the world. 00:32:06 - The Benefits of Walkable Neighborhoods Walkable neighborhoods offer numerous benefits, such as promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle with bike paths and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure. Angela emphasizes the importance of choosing a neighborhood with bike paths and tunnels underneath major roads to ensure children's safety and give them more freedom to ride their bikes away from cars. Stephanie shares her experience in New York City, where walking is often easier than driving, and how it was a revelation for her when she realized that walking was not even considered as an option in other places. The intentional design of walkable neighborhoods, like those in Vegas, with upper sidewalks and breezeways, further enhances the pedestrian-friendly environment. Overall, walkable neighborhoods prioritize alternative modes of transportation and create a sense of community where people can easily walk or bike to restaurants and other destinations, leading to a more vibrant and connected community. 00:39:38 - Overcoming Overwhelm and Burnout Overcoming overwhelm and burnout is a common struggle for aspiring leaders who feel like they have more to offer but can't seem to get ahead. In the Overcome to Become podcast, Angela, the host and author of the Strengthened Nature Leadership series, shares actionable tasks and mindsets for self-leadership. One interesting perspective shared by Stephanie, Angela's cousin and guest on the podcast, is the importance of setting boundaries and knowing oneself to avoid becoming drained by constantly pleasing others. The discussion emphasizes the need to invest in oneself and develop problem-solving abilities to navigate daily struggles. By starting with a vision, modifying it if necessary, and taking steps towards one's goals, individuals can overcome overwhelm and burnout and become their best selves.


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