S3E5: Empower Your Leadership with Rejuvenating Sleep Practices

Season #3

Unlock the secrets to better sleep and reduced stress with actionable insights from our latest episode of Overcome to Become. Gain a deeper understanding of how cortisol impacts your rest and discover effective strategies to manage stress through mindfulness, physical activity, and calming bedtime routines. This episode provides you with practical steps to create a restful sleep environment and break the vicious cycle of stress-induced sleep disturbances.

Join me, Dr. Angela Buckley, as I share science-backed research and personal experiences to help overwhelmed parents and professionals achieve rejuvenating sleep and vibrant days. From the importance of regulating cortisol levels to tips on cultivating calm through daily practices, this episode is your guide to overcoming burnout and enhancing leadership skills by prioritizing your well-being. Tune in to transform your nights and empower your days with newfound energy and balance.


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