Overcome the Overwhelm: Succulent Sundays

overcome Jan 11, 2021

Hi! Angela here. Welcome to Succulent Sunday.

I have chosen succulents for my Overcome the Overwhelm series for 2021. We'll talk about overwhelm in a second, but first, let's talk about cacti and succulents. No, this is not a lesson in herbology or flora. I love nature, but I'm not herbalist or botanist.

Why are succulents are the theme?

These hardy guys and gals just keep on keeping on. They are hardy, continue living when forgotten, and bloom unexpectedly when tended properly. They accept poor soil conditions yet bring beauty and joy into the world. These plants offer us a lesson in resilience that we will do well to remember and honor.

Three Tenants of Overcoming the Overwhelm

During our Overcome the Overwhelm series, we will examine the three pillars of overcoming: Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. We will look to experts who have studied these three tenants individually and collectively. I do not research these topics as an academic, but I am a lifelong learner, and I look for lessons in lectures, readings, and lectures. I bring these learnings together here for you in bite-size and pragmatic points.


Thriving in the emotional arena is more challenging for some than others. It is very important to understand that there is no wrong emotion. We can better cope with negative emotions by

  • Acknowledging the emotion,
  • Examining the source of the emotion (trigger or action), and
  • Looking forward.

By focusing on how we want to lead and serve others, we help our emotional health by continuing to look forward and outward. This external orientation gives us strength to overcome the overwhelm.


The feeling of overwhelm has a physical component. You recognize the fatigue associated with overwhelm. The fatigue is the body's way of protecting you. During this series, we will discuss numerous health tips that will help balance hormones during stressful moments. As a certified physical trainer and a life long athlete, I will collate the necessary information to help you make those small tweaks in your habits that can lead to overwhelm management.

Spiritual and Mindset

 The spiritual and mindset tenant includes practices of 

  • gratitude
  • reflection
  • finding energy

As we quietly examine techniques for finding our spiritual center, we also develop strength in mindset.

By combining techniques from these three tenants, we are able to reduce the level of overwhelm, gaining control of our responses to stressful events. Check back each Sunday or subscribe to our newsletter for pragmatic tips.


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