Strength in Nature

Resilience and Self - Reliance

On a recent adventure, it was my son's turn to navigate the trail. The map was challenging. The trails weren't always marked correctly. We took solace in taking [A LOT of] trail photography. I discovered that he is/was fascinated by the snails. We're talking maybe 100 photos of these little guys along the trail.

When we discussed the snail, I loved how he recognized the importance of simplicity and resilience of carrying its shell on its back. It got me thinking...

What is resilience? It is the ability to overcome. Snails are able to hitch a ride to new homes by surviving being eaten by birds. It's an amazing and fun fact, and it's true. It is a great example of resilience.

Landing in a new area, snails already have their home with them.  Their self-reliance helps them survive being eaten and dropped, both literally and figuratively, into new situations.

As leaders, we need to look for inspiration for ourselves and support others as they develop their own resilience and...

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Grow where you are planted

Check out this pitcher plant! It grows in the ferns and bogs of the Adirondacks. The soil of the Adirondacks is famously nutritionally poor and thin. This tough plant has learned how to survive.

Its leaf forms a pitcher, thus the catchy name, to catch water. The flower shoots up and sends out wonderful, sweet scents to attract ants and other creepy crawlies. Once in the plant, they slip down the internal pipe-like stalk where their bodies provide nutrition for the plant that the soil cannot provide.

These plants are colorful and resilient!

Sometimes, we simply land in thin soil. As leaders, it is our jobs to adapt and overcome. At times, the surroundings seem dark. How can we challenge ourselves to overcome? Perseverance and resilience make us tougher. We can dig in and find new ways to challenge our thoughts.

When have you decided to grow where you were planted?

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