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TEACH method of writing

This week's blog post focusing on writing brings you the TEACH method of writing. I have borrowed this method from Kent Sanders over at the Daily Writer Podcast. If you are intent on learning how to write for a living, then go find the Daily Writer Podcast at your favorite podcast listening site. If you want to find the specific episode where Kent shares his TEACH method, take a look at the link in the reference section below. In the meantime, leaders continue reading here to learn how to apply the TEACH method to your emails.

I am sharing the TEACH method today on the heels of the Call to Action (CTA) blog post from last week, because Kent has done an excellent job helping you as an email writer elucidate the steps necessary to lead to a successful CTA. OK, so what exactly is the TEACH method? Below you can find an explanation of each letter:

T - Take their attention

E - Explain the main idea

A - Apply it to their situation

C - Counter their objections

H - Help them take action


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