S2 E6: Stressed? How can I bring the beach feeling into my everyday?

Season #2

Electrons & the Waves



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Nature Recap

  • To optimize
  • 20 minutes in Nature
  • Walk 20 Minutes
  • If you can’t get to nature, create a green space or LOOK at naturescapes
  • LINK to S2E5: Nature


Go Chasing Waterfalls

  • Waves and Waterfalls crash onto rocks, releasing Negative Ions into the Air
  • Negative Ions function in our body to fight inflammation
  • Waterfall chasing is fun
    • Rewarding
    • Good exercise
    • Beautiful


What does the Science Say?

  • DOE Bright Light v Negative Ion Machine, 1 hour per day, daily for 5 weeks
  • 50% improvement in depression symptoms
  • Research did not use time as a variable, so we don’t know if we get the same effects for less time


What can we take away?

  • Nature is full of Negative ions

  • Waterfalls and Waves create Negative Ions

  • We know 20 minutes work for being in nature

  • If you are really looking to be grounded, reduce radicals, look at getting negative ion machines


What works for you?

More Resources

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